Week 8 — Artist — Joseph DeLappe & Micol Hebron

Joseph Delappe is a modern American artist born in San Francisco. After directing the Digital Media program at the University of Nevada he moved to Scotland. Some of his work includes paintings, sculptures, and art in online gaming. On the same level, Micol Hebron is an American artist who explores many different disciplines. Hebron is an Associate Professor of Art at Chapman University. She focuses on consciousness-raising and uses social media, video, performance, digital, media, and social interaction for her work. Delappe and Hebron are exceptional in their different styles, but both strive to bring awareness to ongoing issues through their work.

Joseph Delappe has many different works from paintings to sculptures, and art made inside video games. Delappe’s style when it comes to sculptures is geometric. Many of his sculptures are made from cardboard. Delappe’s pieces are usually monochrome and mostly made up of minimal or one material. In comparison, Hebron’s work usually focuses on one subject to send a message. Many of her pieces appear simple and comedic focusing on the message of each piece. Often she portrays the subject in its natural form and untouched. Hebron will often use bold colors for her prints, but maintain true colors in photos. Both Delappe and Hebron’s work tend to be simplistic and focus on one or minimal subjects. Also, one significant similarity is both artists use non-traditional media to showcase their work. For example, Delappe uses videogames for one of his pieces “Elegy: GTA USA Gun Homicides”, and Hebron uses social media or social interaction. The way they both use more modern forms of media to share their work allows them to reach a certain audience.

Joseph Delappe works on several topics but mainly focuses on current events. His work is not exclusive to only the U.S. but events worldwide. Also, Hebron focuses on modern-day events that are ongoing. Hebron likes to explore the human body in her artworks. Also, she often explores gender and gender roles in her work. Both artists bring light and start a conversation through their artwork about issues that are happening present-day. For example, in Delappe’s piece “Thoughts and Prayers” he explores gun violence. On the same level, Hebron in some of Hebron’s pieces she explores the BLM movement and voting which are ongoing issues currently. They both share a goal which is to bring awareness through their art.

Something I appreciate about both Delappe and Hebron and their work is they are trying to reach the average person. Their art isn’t exclusively for art lovers, but for anyone because they are trying to spread awareness on certain topics. More important, their target audience is primarily generation Z because many of these issues include my generation. Both artists’ work isn’t just meant to be admired, but their work allows for ideas to be brought up that the audience may have not been aware of beforehand. Their artwork makes people think about the issues that are present. I was able to understand a lot of their work because they present their art in a friendly and familiar manner. I understand that our generation is next in line to change the world to make it a better place and Hebron and Delappe’s work supports that.

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Joseph DeLappe, www.delappe.net/

Micol Hebron, http://micolhebron.artcodeinc.com/



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